- Sourceforge Page
- Blender3D
- Legends: The Game
- Planet Penguin Racer


The latest version of mesh2hmap will always be available at the Sourceforge Download Page. If you are looking for maps for Legends: The Game and Planet Penguin Racer, go to the examples page.

If you download this software, drop me a line. Its currently very rough around the edges so I'd like to know how people go at getting it working.


A Gentoo ebuild is currently in Bugzilla. You can find it here.


If you want the see the latest bugfixes and feature additions, you can browse the subversion repository online, or check out the latest source code with the following commands:

    mkdir ~/mesh2hmap
    cd ~/mesh2hmap
    svn co
Note that you will need to generate the configure scripts:
    aclocal && autoconf && automake -ac
    ./configure && make && make install