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Banner Image

This is an image of three famous mountains in Switzerland (from right to left): Jungfrau, Mönch, and The Eiger. The Jungfrau is the largest (just right of the middle of the image) and the Eiger is the small pointy peak in the left of the image. It's sort of a terrain, which is why I made it my banner image.

North Face of The 

Despite having the lowest summit, the Eiger is the most famous of the three. The North Face of the Eiger, or Eigerwand, is considered one of the greatest climbs and has claimed many lives. The Eigerwand is over 1800m tall and is nearly vertical for most of its height, it is prone to avalanches and rockfalls.

The summit of the Eiger was first acended in 1858, but the first attempt on the Eigerwand was not attempted until 1934, which was unsuccesful. Two more attempts in 1935 and 1936 resulted in the deaths of all members of both teams, the Eigerwand was now considered the greatest challenge in mountaineering. On July 24, 1938 the first successful ascent of the Eigarwand was made by a team that included Heinrich Harrer (d. Jan 7, 2006), who is the main character in the book and film Seven Years In Tibet. The climb took 3 days.

I downloaded the original 1600x1200 image used as the banner here. The original inset image of the North Face is here.


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