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Two Towers

Two Towers is a map for Legends: The Game. It features two large towers each positioned at the centre of their own half-torus (or half-donut). The half-tori are connected via smooth funnel making it easy to jump between the two tori. Jumping from the top of the tower and landing on the steep sides of the torus will allow you to reach very high speeds.

The complex curves of this map were created in CAD program, which was exported to a VRML and then converted into a heightmap using mesh2hmap. The use of a CAD program makes it easy to adjust parameters such as the torus width and depth, and the radius of the connecting funnel. The heightmap can be seen on the left.

Download Two Towers: TwoTowers-1.3.unf
(Right Click and 'Save As')

You will need to install Legends to use the map. In Linux, place the "unf" file in your ~/.legends/legends directory, in Windows, place it in C:\Program Files\Legends\legends. Below are some in game screenshots.